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About Principal

In his role as Principal Consultant, Ed Johnson generally engages clients directly and through partnering to conduct Enterprise Process Modeling and/or Enterprise Data Modeling for quality improvement in matters of enterprise leadership, management, operations, and sustainability that may or may not involve information technology.

With a commitment to lifelong learning and Systems Thinking
, Ed innovatively integrates time-tested quality principles, methods, and practices to deliver:

  • Integration Definition Models of the Enterprise as a system
  • Iterative PDSA alternative to "waterfall" SDLC
  • Sociocultural paradigm discovery and shift
  • Information quality and process quality improvement
  • Process capability discovery

professional services level of consulting includes quiet leadership, influencing, mentoring, inquiry, facilitation, and hands-on work with lines of business and IT leaders to improve Business-IT alignment, process quality, data quality, enterprise information integration, metadata definition and integration, metrics, data warehousing, and organization development and learning, the latter involving strictly human social systems.

By working from principles and the know-how to get leverage from the interplay between enterprise behavior and enterprise structure, success typically comes to clients without Ed having had prior industry-specific experience. Consulting outcomes include new paradigm successes for clients in industries ranging from commercial to government to Big X consulting firms.

Ed's passion for quality improvement of human social systems leads him to advocate the transformation of K-12 public education systems from mechanistic management paradigms to humanistic leadership paradigms.

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