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About Company

Quality Information Solutions (QIS) incorporated in 1992 under three guiding principles:

Quality requires commitment to a way of life
Information connects people for the betterment of life, work, and play
Solutions require deeper understanding of system behavior and structure

These guiding principles reflect our values system. Where they have been recognized and applied, they have not failed!

The QIS areas of practice include engaging clients in continual quality improvement driven by enterprise definition modeling from particular viewpoints on any of human social systems, cultural systems, and information technology systems.

QIS utilizes only time-tested quality principles, simple yet powerful nonproprietary methods for enterprise information and process modeling, and software tools that support the principles and methods reasonably well.

As a result, clients in diverse industries can and have experienced first-time and new paradigm successes. QIS has consistently met or exceeded new challenges without prior industry-specific experience.

This attests to a competence to uncover and transform hidden paradigms operating within or influencing a given system, so as to foster lasting improvement of the system.

Industries served to date include air transport, automotive, banking, beverage, city government, electric utility, federal government, defense, ground transport, human resources, life insurance, postal service, real estate, retail, and telecommunications.

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