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Regardless of size and industry, every enterprise is lead, managed, operated, and sustained based on two realities:

things that make up enterprise structure

processes that make up enterprise behavior

In reality, every thing results from a process and every process requires things in order to function. This means things and processes are powerfully interdependent, and every enterprise is both.

So, is knowledge about your enterprise things and processes greatly implicit or greatly explicit? Does your enterprise and its people function as a system? How do you know?

On the one hand, a great deal of implicitness means your enterprise has people with very different, even greatly divergent, mental models of enterprise things and processes.

Result? Lower quality, higher costs.

On the other hand, a great deal of explicitness means your enterprise uses common models of enterprise things and processes for its people to continually refine and align their mental model to enterprise purposes and aims.

Result? Higher quality, lower costs.

Our value to your enterprise is to help achieve a great deal of explicitness about enterprise things and processes fundamental to enterprise quality of leadership, management, operations, and sustainability.

We employ only time-tested, nonproprietary principles and methods of quality improvement and systems thinking to give you useful models that communicate simply, yet powerfully, enterprise structure and behavior.

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